The first impression of what people want to get when it comes to gay phone dating is sometimes compared to that one romance where they stayed up all hours of the night talking. The fact of the matter is that most people's experience with talking all hours of the night comes after some of the initial groundwork and meeting of the person is out of the way. Sometimes it is an excellent plan to keep your initial conversation short and leave more conversation/follow-up thoughts for later.
Many men utilize gay phone dating services because they do not have a lot of time. This is just one of many reasons that conversations should be kept short early on. Another reason to keep conversations short is it prevents any sort of end of conversation awkwardness that can happen when conversational material temporarily runs out. A lot of people tend to talk about how their day was, and maybe the week before.
Regardless of the length of the conversation, it is best to leave the discussion on a high note and with more to be said at a later point in time. People who do this on phone dating hotlines tend to have more second phone dates. By keeping this strategy up for the first two or three calls, the likelihood of an in-person date will increase. After the first two or three calls, go ahead and slowly extend the amount of time you spend on some calls. Professionals agree that this is a solid strategy that leads to more successful dates, both over the phone and in person.
That said, each person is different, so let the other person you are speaking with know how long you are planning to chat close to the start of each conversation. You don’t need a reason why. Just plan out an estimated length. Ask them about how much time they have as well. Being responsible with their time will be appreciated.