Being flirtatious is one thing that can make people seem easy, but keep in mind that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Even so, there are plenty of ways that people make judgments. This can affect your dating and sex life in both positive and negative ways. It’s all about what you are looking for I suppose. Looking for a casual fling, let those easy vibes run free. Looking for a long-term relationship? Maybe have some awareness of how you might be coming off. At the very least, give a sense of openness so that the other person is comfortable asking questions.

Here are a few things that can be taken in different ways, and sometimes may give you that “I’m Easy” vibe (whether you like it or not).

1. You Are Extremely Friendly

This one can fit right in with the flirtatious category. Sometimes going out of your way to do things for others or be complimentary is taken as a sign that you want to get in everyone’s pants. Not to say that you should slow down, but be aware and make sure that you communicate your intentions clearly and honestly if the need comes up. If you are doing nice things only so you can reap the rewards of your work, make note that people will catch on eventually though. If people think this is why you are so friendly, it could affect your dating life.

2. You Are Funny

It always seems that some people are so funny and personable that they come off as easy. Charming people are attractive, and charming gay men are just yummy. People compete to date you… and the assumption might get made that because you are being pursued so much, you must be having lots of great sex.

3. You’re A Good Guy (Or Good In Bed)

Word gets around. People that are good at sex are often thought to be having a lot of it. Sometimes this isn’t true, but people will think what they think. This goes back to the whole pursuit thing from above. Good guys get attention, and some people translate attention to sex.

Most of these things are non-issues with good communication. Also, they translate over to getting dates and getting laid sometimes, so take them to our phone dating chat hotline if you are looking for some casual sex. You will be glad you did.