Outside of letting everyone know that you want sex and that you get it all the time, there are a lot of other ways that people may think you are “easy.” Honestly, some people are perfectly happy with that label and love sex, which is awesome. If you seem to be giving off “easy” vibes and don’t want to be though, it may be a good idea to take a look at why people may think you are easy. Of course, many of them shouldn’t be changed… so learning how to communicate is a good first step. Still getting the attention you don’t want? Consider ways to alter things on your end to improve the situation. Want more attention? Up these things and you will likely be considered more open (or available).

1. Eye Contact

People say the eyes are the window to the souls. True or not, people that give a lot of eye contact are generally looked at as more welcoming open. It also often means you are paying attention. Many people don’t give enough eye contact, so some take it as a sign of interest. A rare and good quality… there are plenty of reasons that people might make a move. This can be a great thing… or a disaster. Body language and distance (being a little further away) can help balance this quality.

2. Complimenting Physical Features

“You have a nice butt.”

It may seem like an innocent line. They may have even asked or made a comment that you are responding too. Some people see it as an opening. One comment is different than 20, and not everyone takes is as “Oooh, you want to sleep with me.” Either way, if you are showering someone with physical compliments or you do it to everyone all the time, you might come off as easy.

There are a lot of things that put people in the category of “might be easy” that are positives when it comes to dating. The idea is moderation and tact. When you call our gay dating chatline or meet someone for the first time from our gay phone service, keep moderation and tact in play and you will be great!