A gay chat first date is something special to be savored. You’ve already met someone that you like, which is good news, and you’ve already talked to them on the phone and found out that you have some things in common, hopefully in the bedroom. So whether you have talked on the phone for minutes or hours, you’ve found that you really want to meet up and hang out. What can you do together? There are so many options but these are really the best options for what to do when you want to get to the shagging portion of the date real quick.

So the most basic kind of thing to do is to go out on a date to a coffee shop. Most of these places also have a bite to eat in case you’re feeling peckish. You can also go out for a drink but you can run the risk of making a fool of yourself by drinking a bit too much. Gay chat is where you want to get laid – not where you want to run the risk of getting floppy and having your dick malfunction. Coffee is a safe bet because it’s so quick that you might be able to get in and out of there in under 10 minutes if you are eager to have a hot fuck soon after. For safety’s purpose it’s best to meet up in public first, just to see what your gut thinks about this guy.

Well if you want to try something a bit more dirty take your date to the local sex store and find out what sex toy they really want. You can either buy it for them or show them your secret stash at home and have some hot fucks!