While winter may be upon us, there’s no need for the winter blues to get you down. Phone dates are plentiful for gay men on gay chat. Sometimes, one of the most difficult decisions to make early on is where to go for a great date. If more traditional dates seem to be a good possibility for your date, read on for some tips:

1. Coffee: Many coffee shops now serve more than coffee. Finding a place with some nice desserts or sandwiches is usually a great option. Going to get coffee tends to be on the shorter end is first time commitments go. It is often a good idea, to have conversation starters ready and available when choosing to go to a coffee shop on a date. Often, things that people can be, or generally are, opinionated about our great conversation starters.

2. Dinner: Dinner, also has the same communication attributes. At the two of you have never tried one type of food, or one person has an absolute favorite restaurant, dinner can be great. Think about it, pretty much everyone likes at least some kinds of food. Many people find that pizza, Italian, and Indian food are great suggestions. While Indian food might not be something that everybody enjoys, it is not something that a high percentage of people go and eat often. This means that if you like it, and they like it, it’s more likely to be something that they will be passionate about. Oh, and pizza? Even though it’s very common there are a lot of people that are very passionate about the pizza that they eat.

3. A movie: If they are excited about a new movie that you are excited about, that can be a perfect date. It is usually a good idea to spend a little bit of time beforehand going somewhere where you can talk. Movies do not provide a good place for conversation, which helps increase comfort levels get to know each other.

That’s our list of traditional dates that many gay men like yourself love and enjoy. Of course, now all you need to do is pick up the telephone and start calling to find some great matches right here on our lines.