It’s okay to not know what you want. In fact, the community of men on the chat lines encourages you if you’re not sure exactly what you want, to have conversations over the phone to find out. The more you talk about your interests, hobbies, and feelings and the more you listen to what others are interested in and have desire for, the more you will consider what you want. If you don’t take action and just keep replaying thoughts of ‘I don’t know what I want,’ in your head, you won’t get anywhere closer to figuring it out. It’s easy to get on the chat lines and have conversations with single men in your area and the community of guys love supporting each other and will likely help you in any way that they can.

Another method to figure out what you want is to try things out because once you try it, you can tell if you like it and want it to happen again. So just be open to other men’s desires and requests and if you’re up for it, give it a try and you will eventually figure out what you like and what you don’t like.

The chat lines are also a great way to explore your boundaries as you may be tested by men who want to try things that is outside what you’re comfortable with.  Learn how to say no and state what you are available for. If for some reason a guy who you are speaking to isn’t a good fit, you can end the call whenever you want. You can always easily redial the chat lines to speak with a new guy as there are hundreds of men on the chat lines at any given time. Try out phone dating to meet new people and explore your desires. You will surely learn more about yourself and single men in your area.