There are many ways to meet men but the only way I can find the kind of guys that are well-rounded, weird, creative, true to self and others, and hot are on the chat lines. I didn’t have much luck in the online dating realm because I am shy and kinda didn’t like how flaky people happened to be my consistent experience. Blind dating also never worked out for me because each time I met a man in this manner we would be on different pages, either didn’t like one another in a romantic sense or didn’t like each other at all. Luckily, a good friend of mine told me about phone dating and I hopped on the chat lines. I encourage you to give phone dating a try and get to know others easily.

I was thrilled about how easy it was when I first started even though it took some time for me to feel comfortable on the chat lines. I met a guy on the chat lines who told me that he used to be shy but that he learned how to really open up and express what he wanted with others and if I would like it, he would try to help me. He said he met someone who was the opposite of shy on the chat lines and he helped him open up slowly over time. They are still friends.

I told him that I would try it out. He told me his life story and that made me instantly open up to him about my own life. After some time we would go on a call with one another and talk about anything we both wanted to. I also experienced phone sex with him. He was open to my desires and let me talk about my fantasies in a way that encouraged me. I really have learned a lot through his experience on the chat lines and also continue to do so by speaking with him and other guys.