Forget about porno movies and the magazines. Get off with men looking for gay chat. Everyone dreads his reunion. Mine turned out to be pretty satisfying.

I went to my reunion for one reason only and that was Bobby. I always suspected he was gay. I used to catch him looking at my dick in the showers after gym. I scanned the room and our eyes locked. He walked over and wasted no time. “Come with me’ He said.

We ducked out the back door. I followed him to his car. He drove to the old make out spot. I’d been there many times in my youth. This time I was going to get off with the guy I would fantasize about so I could cum when I fucked my girlfriend. We got out of the car and he went right for my pants.

He hurriedly undid his pants and grabbed his swollen cock and began to rub it He undid my belt and unzipped my pants exposing my ready cock. He sank down on his knees still jerking his huge cock, occasionally moaning with pleasure. He ran his tongue slowly up my inner thigh teasing me as he made his way across my balls.

My dick was rock-hard. “Suck me cock.” He quickly complied putting my throbbing penis in his mouth. His head moved back and forth as he gave me the best blowjob I’ve ever had. Sensing I was about to cum he stopped abruptly. “Turn around”. He wrapped his arms around my hips and pushed his face into my ass.

As he tongue fucked me I jerked my cock. “I’m getting close. I want to cum in your mouth.” He turned me around and I jammed my dick down his throat. His head moved up and down and I knew I was ready to cum. He fingered my ass. That was all it took. Streams of milky hot cum filled his mouth. He drank it all like a champ. Licking his lips. Bobby’s jerked his cock, his hips shuttered and he blew his load all over my legs.

We cleaned up, got back in his car and headed back to our wives.