No more rest stops for you take out your phone and call men looking for sex on phones. Are you in the mood for a cop fantasy on gay chat? This was the only time I was happy I got pulled over.

I was leaving work. It was late and I was horny. On the way home I got pulled over. I’ve always had a cop fetish. As he came up to my window I tried to hide my boner.
I rolled down my window “Do you know why I pulled you over?” he asked. “I hope I wasn’t speeding.” “Well you were going a little fast and you have a taillight out.”

“License and registration,” he said as he scanned the documents and I scanned his package. I watched the cop walk back to his car in his perfectly starched uniform. His gun and nightstick hanging from his belt made my cock start to rise. When he headed back my way biology had taken over and it was difficult to hide my raging boner.

He leaned over and said “Is the uniform throwing you off Andy? I fucked you in the bathroom of the club last weekend.

Now come with me and take your punishment like a man.” He removed his belt and put it in his cruiser. He pulled his pants down to his knees and exposing his erect penis. He forced my face to his dick and told me to suck it. I grabbed my dick and jerked it as he forced his cock in my mouth. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me closer. I smelled his musky balls and tasted the salty sweat on his cock.

The faster he hammered my mouth the closer I was to blowing my load. I couldn’t take it any more. I came all over the side of his cruiser. The officer grabbed his balls tightly and moaned as he fucked my face. I gagged as I felt the hot streams of cum shoot down my throat. He pulled up his pants and got in his cruiser. “I’ll return the favor next weekend. Get that taillight fixed Andy”