In a lot of ways, gay phone dating has similarities to gay dating in person. There are some things that you should do, and other things that you shouldn't. Here is a list to help you not only get off to a good start on the phone dating part of your next adventure but also to get off to a good start on your first in-person dates. Impressing the men you are reaching out to starts here.
1.    Do express interest your potential partner's likes
It is excellent to have some conversational material ready and learn more about your potential date's likes and dislikes. There is so much information in the world that it is easy to find information on pretty much any topic. This is especially beneficial if you research something and discover that you enjoy it.
2.    Don't pretend you like something to the point that you aren't yourself
Researching and expressing interest in what your new phone dating friend likes and enjoys is excellent. Pretending that you like it more than you do can create a lot of problems. Whenever the truth surfaces, your phone date will know that you are not being true to yourself. This can have an impact on how people view you.
3.    Be true to yourself and don't sweat the little things
Who you are is important. Being honest about yourself is a positive quality and one that can help you find the ideal match or matches for you. Be open about your likes. If there are things that you enjoy that you feel the other person might not as much, it's not a problem. People appreciate individuality, and you never know, they may enjoy the same things that you do.
4.    Don't underestimate your worth
Confidence is very sexy, and you are deserving of love. If you go on a gay phone date or in-person date, and the two of you do not connect, that's perfectly fine. Dating is a process, and everyone should want to be with someone who wants to be with them. Phone dating can increase your chances, so let's get to it.