If you know the person who you are speaking with on the chat lines in another way outside of the phone dating sphere, it could call for some fun in a new way yet, on another hand, it could be super awkward. First, you should consider where you know him from and what your relationship is outside of the chat lines. If it is an acquaintance or someone that you don't know too well, you could continue to speak with one another and just set up some ground rules if need be. It's easy to determine whether you should or shouldn't continue to have a relationship over the chat lines with someone you know by figuring out the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario will likely not happen but once you figure it out you can make a decision. Also, it's important to respect your phone friend’s choice about it too. By respecting one another you add good values to the phone dating community.

In most instances, it should be fine to continue the blossoming phone friendship but if you and your phone friend decide to end it, simply say goodbye and hang up. You can reconnect with someone new by redialing the chat lines. There are literally hundreds of men available to speak with so don't worry if one conversation doesn't work out. The chat lines are always open 24 hours a day and every day of the week.  People on the chat lines are open and welcoming. Try it out and see who you may connect with.

If you start speaking about something and the new phone friend isn’t interested in that subject, you have options. You can either speak about something else or you may also speak with a new person. The only way to find out if phone dating is right for you is by giving it a try.